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Welcome to Jobsguide.euLogowhere your job is our goal

We at Jobsguide believe even the most experienced of job seekers sometimes needs help in finding that special job and that's why we are here.

Our services cover the following

          CV Writing | Custom CV Designs | Free CV Templates | Social Media ManagementInterview Tips 

Some of our services are free to everyone including companies; all we ask in return is that you recommend our website to family and friends (and maybe write a little something so we can post it on our site). For more specialised CV's we can custom design your CV for you which does have a small fee.

We do have some terms and conditions which will be sent to you upon asking for information or requesting help, don't worry there's nothing to be scared of.

We're here to help you, so don't hesitate to contact us., Part of the JG Group

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